10 best things to do in canggu, Bali

10 best things to do in canggu

10 best things to do in canggu, Bali

Canggu is one of The hottest destinations to explore in Bali right now. Read my 10 best things to do I canggu. There are cute cafes, boutique shops, restaurants buzzing with life. A popular destination for digital nomads, surfers or a great place to relax and live the slow life.

1- Tanah Lot temple

Tanah Lot temple is a famous religious site located 300m off the shore. Tanah Lot sits ontop of a rock formation, a popular place with foreign visitors throughout the year. It’s a sacred place in which Balinese people believe the temple protects the island from evil spirits.

best time to visit and entry

Getting there took 20 minutes from our villa in canggu to reach Tanah Lot, and it was easy to find. While sunset hour is the most famous time to visit Tanah Lot temple, we visited at around 9 am and it was nice and quite a great time to beat the crowds. The entrance fee is 70,000IDR.

Tanah Lot temple

2-surfing in canggu

Canggu has waves suitable for surfers of all levels. There are plenty of surf schools dotted about if your looking to master a new skill. Experienced surfers can be seen driving towards the beaches with there boards attached to the bikes. surfers start early and there normally hitting the waves by 6 am. surf season runs from May- September, The best spots in canggu are

* Berawa beach

* Echo beach

* Batu balong beach


3- Relax at La Brisa

La Brisa

Canngu is full of cool beach bars, La Brisa was one of my favourites. Serving the best dragon fruit cocktails in town.

Nestled on the foreshore of Echo Beach, one of the most well known beaches in Bali, La Brisa is home to an absolutely breathtaking décor, sustainably sourced food and genuine Balinese hospitality.

Menu here is devoted to all the seafood lovers with the sole purpose of serving up local and sustainable produce at an affordable price. Delivered daily, all fish sold at la Brisa is line caught by Balinese fisherman and almost all of the ingredients used in the kitchen are sourced from the island itself.

Innovative drinks list just screams “true island life” with an exotic fruits , home made herb infused spirits as well as unheard of cocktail combination.  Booking is recommended at sunset if you want a great spot on the deck.

10 best things to in canggu

4- A night at old man’s

10 best things to do in Bali

A visit to canggu is not complete without a night at old mans. Different music is played each night but Wednesday is party night. Expect Beer ping pong, people dancing on tables and club music all night long. If the evening doesn’t float your boat why not visit in the daytime where it offers laid back vibes just off berawa beach.

5- Hit the beaches

Postcard style beaches and crystal clear waters.

The coastline of Canggu comprises different black-sand beaches, almost all with surf breaks that are popular haunts of surfers from around the world. These include the beaches of Berawa that borders just north of Seminyak’s Batubelig beach, Batu Bolong, Batu Mejan aka ‘Echo Beach’, Pererenan, Seseh and Mengening just south of Tanah Lot.

6- Enjoy the cafes

One of the best things to do in canggu is check out some of the popular food spots. upmarket steakhouses, tacos and nachos too the Bali famous smoothie bowls and vegan ice- creams, canggu is a healthy food heaven.

There is no shortage of yummy cafes to stop and enjoy a bite to eat, whatever the time of day.

Best places to eat in uluwatu

7- shop the Bali markets

There are so many wonderful markets to explore, the main road through canggu is a shoppers delight. There are all different kind of markets held at old mans, love anchor and samadi. La Laguna holds a gypsy Sunday market. There’s live music, stalls selling everything from handmade jewellery to clothes.

8- Climb mount Batur

Mount Batur sunrise trek is one of the most popular and challenging things to do.

Mount batur is located in the far north of Bali, you’ll be picked up from canggu in the early hours of the morning to drive to the base of the volcano. The hike up to the summit will take a few hours walking through darkness  to reach the summit by sunrise.

10 best things to do in canggu

9- Catch a sunset

Bali is known for some of the best sunsets. Batu Balong is the hub most people in canggu gather in the evening.

For amazing sunset views whilst enjoying drinks and good food, book a table at the lawn on there sunset deck. Nothing beats a ice cold drink while watching the surfers catch the golden hour waves.

The lawn canggu

10- Join a yoga class

Yoga classes run throughout bali, there are some great classes running in canggu. Go join a class at Samadi bali one of the most popular spots or the canggu studio. the style and prices of the yoga classes vary so pop in your chosen venue in advance to see which suits u best.

Getting around Bali

Travelling around in Bali you have a couple of options. We recommend hiring a scooter you can hire them for between 55,000 IDR – 70,000IDR per day though if your having it for a longer period you might be able to negotiate a lower price.

If you are not confident on a scooter you can hire a driver for the day there all over the island and costs from 500,000IDR a day which is about £26.90

We also downloaded the GOJEK app which was a total lifesaver and cheep,for taxi.



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