48 hours in Paris itinerary- ultimate guide


The ultimate 48 hour guide When heading to Paris with limited time. When time is short go prepared with a list of must see places and things you would like to do.

Everyone has different things they would like too do so below is our chosen top things to do in our ultimate 48 hours in Paris. As we were staying at a hotel on the  avenue champs- Elysees we decided to start close to there.

The Arc De Triomphe

arc de triomphe it was built to honour the french that died in the french revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars, inspired by the arch of Titus in Rome, we decided to climb the beautiful spiral staircase to the top and man was it a workout but the views were amazing over Paris.

Underneath the arc there is the tomb of the unknown solider from world war 1 they light a flame at 6 pm every night and hold a ceremony on the 11 th November every year. I recommend you getting to the Arc De Triomphe early we arrived around 9 am and it was already getting busy.

Notre Dame cathedral

The Notre Dame is a place of beauty. It was super easy to find straight from the metro this huge impressive cathedral has amazing french gothic architecture, in the 1790’s the cathedral suffered damage due to the French Revolution but soon after victor hugos novel- the hunchback of Notre Dame in 1835 popular interest in the building sparked the renovation. We visited on a Sunday and there was a service in full swing it was beautiful to watch.

Tip – pickpockets were very visible to me especially at the metro gates getting through I watched these young men brush up against people trying to eye up belongings. Looking in bags so be on your guard keep money camera in money belt or over shoulder bag round the front of you.


Sacré Coeur

After the Notre Dame we decided to keep in the cathedral mood and head up to montmartre.

sacre Coeur is situated up high and a walk up 270 steps, boy I felt the burn after the morning steps at the arc, there is a monorail lift you can pay to take up but we took the workout route.

The view from the top of the hill is amazing and if your feeling really fit you can walk another 300 steps to the top of the summit of the Basilica of Sacré Coeur.

please be aware there is total silence inside and no hats allowed.

 walking the streets of montmartre

Montmartre is simply stunning,These beautiful quirky cobbled streets are famous for there insta- worthy cafes such as The Le consulat and the pretty pink spot La maison rose. We enjoyed a hot chocolate to warm up from the cold Parisian wind, and spent a few hours wandering the streets taking in the shops, crepes and looking at the fantastic street art.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic buildings in the whole world. When Gustave Eiffel built it back in 1889 the was outrage from some of frances leading artists due to its large metal presence. There are so many photo opportunities to capture a great shot, we got off the metro at the Trocadéro steps and the view was amazing, the only disappointment was there currently doing groundwork’s so there are cranes visible so u have to time your shots. We took a couple on the famous instagram steps then walked down and around the park for a even better view of the Iron Lady.

The Louvre

the worlds largest art museum, just stunning to look at as you walk inside the grounds, gigantic glass pyramids catch your eye beautifully positioned above the museum. The Louvre is a central landmark of the city and home to the famous Mona Lisa painting, we arrived around lunch time and there was no que we walked straight in which we were amazed at, we spent a couple of hours wandering the vast halls of the Louvre taking in the art and sculptures. I would definitely recommend a visit here so much under one roof.

Palais royal columns

These beautiful black and white marble pillars by artist Daniel Buren and a insta hotspot. we came across them by accident after strolling through the palace gardens, there are 260 different sized pillars and we had lots of fun getting our photos here. Right next door there is a beautiful cafe where we sat and took in Paris and watched the world go by.


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