Longleat Festival of Light

There is a very special and totally unique event happening at longleat safai park. We travelled down after school on a Friday evening and bought twilight tickets, we arrived just after 4 pm when it was starting to get dark and the lights were just turning on.
This years theme was around the world which was very fitting, The lanterns which form the festival of light are beautifull there are more than 30 acres of illuminations, all set    around the grounds of longleat house.
as you walk through the displays you are surrounded by a rainbow of                   light and huge pyrimids greet you as you walk down through the entrance, I found this the most impressive  display throughout the park .
in the center courtyard there is a huge enchanted Christmas tree which lights up and plays a Christmas themed music and cinematic show my kids loved this and is well worth checking out the show times so not to miss it.

          the festival is running from the 10th November to the 6th January 


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