Phi phi Island boat tour

The Phi phi islands is a gorgeous experience and one I have dreamed about visiting for over 10 years.

It’s not the easiest to get to and extremely bumpy crossing that part of the sea (sickness tablets recommend) we took a speedboat which took about a hour to get to our first stop.

Maya bay made famous by Leonardo Di caprio film the beach which started my teenage wanderlust for Thailand all those years ago.

Maya bay is so beautiful and the sea so clear, I was really glad we got here early as by the time we had walked upto lo sama point on this tiny island more and more tours were coming in by the boat load.

Our time at maya bay was only brief 1 1/2 hours before heading over to phi phi le where we did some amazing snorkelling in amongst a myriad of beautiful tropical fish.

Once back on the boat the next activity is what only I can describe as a terrifying leap of faith!!. now I am the worst person when it comes to the open sea and not being able to touch the floor after my Egypt pedlow slide incident.(future blogpost)

As expected I was last to jump I threw a life jacket to Justin who had allready jumped and was loving life, I closed my eyes and Jumped swallowing my fair share of Thai salt water on landing.phi phi don was the location for lunch at a quiet restaurant at the end of the beach.

The local dishes were delicious, massam curry, Thai green, mixed vegetables, chicken and cashew and whole fried fish.

After lunch we passed the Viking caves that were once inhabited by seafarers, fishermen, and maybe even pirates.

The birds nests you see are made from swallows siliva and are commonly used in Chinese medicine to increase longevity.

Our last stop of the day before heading back to the marina was bamboo island where we spent a few hours sunbathing on white sands and enjoying the crystal clear sea.

I absolutely loved this day trip we booked through Phuket sail tours.

the cost was slightly more expensive than some others but we had a English speaking guide and only 12 of us on our boat for day. This tour took us off the beaten track missing the bigger tourist groups and I would highly recommend .

PLEASE NOTE- maya bay is currently closed to let the coral and island repair due to over tourism.


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