Pregnant at 40

Pregnant at 40

I’m pregnant at 40


So I’ve been keeping a little secret…. I’m pregnant at 40 and I’m filled with nervous and anxious thoughts. We didn’t plan this little miracle baby but we could not be happier. After a easy first pregnancy with my daughter now 16, we had years of having a rough time getting pregnant with my son 9 years ago, needing fertility help after several miscarriages and a etopic pregnancy followed by a awfull pregnancy, finishing off with pre- eclampsia giving birth early at 37 weeks I thought our baby days were over.

Pregnant at 40


it’s totally different this time around, I’m feeling well, apart from some monster migraines and loss of energy, I have had a harmony dna screening test. the results have come back as all low probability. That definitely helped ease my older mind as the thought of going through a amniocentesis absolutely petrified me, when we had got this far in the pregnancy. But I have to be honest when the midwife calls me geriatric I do wince slightly inside worrying what have I let myself in for?? I know 40 is now quite a common age for having a baby and the technology and care offered to us expectant mothers is bloody excellent. I was overwhelmed by the extra scans and midwife appointments I will receive due to my geriatric status, I feel I’m in wonderful hands and can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Pregnancy info

how many weeks

I’m 18 weeks

Maternity clothes

no not yet I seem to be sporting a very tiny bump blink and you miss it

Best moments this week

I have started feeling little flutters and I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again which was so lovely.

Food cravings

no not really but I can’t drink anything else than bottled Evian water everything else makes me feel sick.


not to bad apart from waking every 2 hours as I need the loo


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