3 days in Bangkok

Top things to do in Bangkok: 

Bangkok is one of the craziest city’s I’ve visited this was a 3 day stop on the way to Phuket.

We arrived in Bangkok with just a few days to explore the city.

follow us as we travel around Bangkok as we try to pack as much in as we can into our 3 day trip.


Wat Pho 

Our first stop was Wat Pho-Reclining Buddha, this is a beautiful temple that houses the largest complexes in the city.

Its famous for the giant reclining Buddha that measures a whopping 46 metres long and 15 m high.

The beautiful Buddha is covered in gold leaf and mother-of-pearl ornaments.

You can wander in The courtyard taking in the view, there are also another 4 chapels in the grounds to explore.

When we visited in January we were slightly restricted which smaller temples we could go inside as there was a monk exam in progress, as its also Thailand’s headquarters for teaching of traditional medicine. 

opening hours -everyday 8.30-18.30 ticket price 100 baht

Grand Palace

The grand palace is a close 10 minute walk from wat pho, This impressive walled palace was built in 1782 and was once the official residence of the kings of siam.

The grand palace is made up of numerous buildings, pavillions and gardens to explore.

Entry to the grand palace was not easy, we were warned about locals telling us the palace was shut and not open to the public.

For instance this did happen to us too, the taxi driver, local people, man on gate turned us away to find another entry point, you may find it easier and stress free to book a guided trip/tour than go it alone like us.

 River Tour

We booked a river boat tour and after a short tuk tuk ride through the back of beyond we arrived at the small jetty on the chao phraya river.

The view from the river was incredible there were temples either side of the water.

we boarded the traditional long tail boat and set off around the waterways seeing different styles of housing, floating markets and the best view of wat arun temple of dawn from the water.

 cost 300 -bhat each for about a hour on the boat





Mbk shopping centre is probably Bangkok’s most legendary shopping mall, with eight storeys the center contains around 2,000 shops restaurants.

Mbk sells a huge selection of discount clothes, electronics and market stall goods aswell as a cinema on the top floor.

we got totally lost at one point and ended up passing the same Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) for at least 10 minutes. we experimented at the fish pool where you can pay 50 bhat to sit and have the fish eat your dead skin of your feet, i loved it though Justin found the whole experience too much. opening hours daily 10 am-22.00pm.


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