Afternoon exploring stonehenge

A afternoon exploring Stonehenge 

It was a cold and windy January afternoon when we arrived at Stonehenge. one of the most iconic sites in the uk, and the best known prehistoric monument in Europe. Since I started this blog  I decided to start exploring places around me locally, Stonehenge is only 5 miles from the little village I live in, so why has its taken me so long to explore when I pass the site daily by car.

I booked my Stonehenge tickets easily online and we picked one of the last entry times hoping for a sunset to capture. Starting off in the visitor center we enjoyed there exhibits, standing in the centre watching the seasons pass as we took a trip through time,with a audio-visual 360 degree view exhibition.

It was incredible imagining what it would be like to stand in the middle of the stones in the middle of winter and the summer solstice.


Leaving the building we were surrounded by a cute selection of Neolithic houses, they are replica houses based on the remains excavated at Durrington walls.

The Neolithic people lived in these houses whilst they constructed the stones, you could step inside and imagine how people lived 4,500 years ago. we then decided to catch the free shuttle bus instead of the walk, the buses run up to the stones every 5 mins as the wind was so bitter. It was a short ride upto the stones we were lucky it was not to busy at this time of day, we walked round the edge taking in the huge stones and what a massive job this would of been erecting them all those years ago .

With a history spanning 4,500 years Stonehenge has many different meanings to people today. The stone circle is a masterpiece of engineering, and building but for some a spiritual place and source of inspiration.

I visited with my 8 year old son and apart from freezing from the wind he loved the visitor center. We were both fascinated with the archaeological objects and the reconstruction of the 5,500 year old man based on his bones found, it was a great afternoon and was a great way to burn off some post Christmas energy running about.




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