What to wear in Marrakesh

Packing for conservative countries, like Morocco, can be tricky—especially when the weather is warm. While it’s good to stay covered, it’s also essential to stay cool. Local women dress conservatively, but you’ll see people wearing lots of different styles  on the streets of this ultra-popular tourist destination.

what to wear in Marrakesh

It was my first trip to Marrakesh and I had heard mixed reports on Women in This tourist area . Street harassment is common, and, like it or not, the amount of attention and respect that you get will depend on what you wear. I only took a carryon case  and anyone that knows me will know what a overpacker I am. I decided to mainly pack cool long maxi dresses which were perfect for walking round the busy souks. I also packed a few kimono to cover my shoulders as I feel it’s really important to respect the cultures and beliefs of the country’s I am exploring.

All things lightweight and full coverage is ideal loose trousers or maxi skirts are perfect. A tunic shirt with leggings or a full kaftan is perfect too. Not only does full coverage allow you to dress conservatively in Morocco, but it will also protect you from the sun.

Whatever you wear, have a lightweight scarf with you. You can use is to cover up before going into a mosque or just keep the sun off your skin when you’re overheating. Moroccan scarves are also gorgeous souvenirs. You’ll find them in abundance around the local souks.




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